Thursday, December 31, 2009


It is quite obvious that before Eve and Adam knew right and wrong they lived in a neutral state. From the beginning they were designed to be containers of the Deity. However, there must have been a sparkle of independent self life in them since they chose their own will to His in this drama of cosmic proportions which is so vividly depicted in the first chapters of Genesis.

In their state after the fall they had become containers of the evil force which wasn’t the truth, but which had infected God’s crown jewel with its own self centeredness. Man’s self effort to become like God were plagued by shame and a profound sense of insufficiency. Man came to reject and despise his humanity which seemed so frail and marred in a world he desired to be perfect according to his image and by his own powers.

On the cross man was offered the opportunity to die from the consequences of the fall and return to his glory in the Father. Even though he now was a new creation and had died from his former state he still was plagued by self analyses and introspection. The pastors and teachers continued to preach self improvement to the new creation which, however, wasn't designed for such a task. He was created to contain I AM, and as a consequence of again containing the Deity he was now in a position to enter his former neutral position by a leap of faith which assured him that he was a perfect image of the Son.

Even though man became a new creation by faith he found it difficult to abandon his old ways. His efforts to make himself presentable to God were, however, preposterous and futile. God found it thus necessary in man's best interest and to see to that His will was fulfilled in man to lead him through tribulations and let him struggle on his own which ultimately would make him come to the end of himself and his independent self life.

In this utter darkness the Father could repeatedly show man his perfection in Him, and lead him to rest. From here on man would enter life as Him and thus finally find peace from shame and this nagging feeling of inadequacy. In accepting his humanity he could again experience the freedom in the original state of neutrality. To do so man had to become like a small child and behold life with the kind of innocence that trusts completely and which just is. Paradoxically, man has now entered fatherhood and found his life.

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