Friday, June 25, 2010

A New World

The devil fell because he wanted to be like God. He hence attempted to do good and avoid doing evil. Those are the basics of this world’s god’s principles. No wonder that converts believe these principles also apply for the kingdom of God. However, the principles of the devil cannot prevail in God’s kingdom. It is governed by an all together different principle.

The immature Christian gives his best to become a Christian and adapt to Christianity, and of course fails miserably. Simply because he tries to become something he already is through his regeneration. “Not until a person has become so wretched that his only wish, his only consolation, is to die – not until then does Christianity truly begin.” (Kierkegaard).

On the verge of complete ruin he discovers that his dead is already an accomplished fact. His old self died with Christ at the cross. He is a new creation in a different realm. There is nothing left he has to die to, but there is an eternity ahead of him of new discoveries of the unsearchable riches in Christ. By and by he comes to realize that the kingdom of God is governed by infinite grace.

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