Friday, September 10, 2010

The Unconscious Activity of Breathing

There is a sound in our bodies. We seldom hear it. A multitude of operations take place in every corner of this amazing vessel, most of the time without any of us giving it much attention. Our hearts beat with a regular rhythm which changes automatically in accordance with our level of activity. Almost unconsciously we feed our bodies with its most important ingredient in order to stay alive. Oxygen passes our mouths and noses and finds its way to the lungs without any conscious effort on our part. It is when we become conscious of our breath and try to control it that trouble arises.

There is a profound and stunningly beautiful greeting from God encapsulated in our bodies’ effortless and quiet running. God’s main purpose is to conform a host of sons to the image of Jesus Christ. He has told us so through amongst others Paul. We are not quite sure how this rationale is attained within us. However, it is when we begin to control and tamper with the process that trouble arises.

One of our favorites in order to accelerate the process is making huge efforts at doing right. A process which runs smoothly when we are unconscious about it comes to an abrupt halt when we start tinkering with it. Try to control your breath every moment during the day and I guarantee you that a restful unconscious life upholding torrent becomes a living nightmare. The exact same outcome is guaranteed when we begin to control our growth.

Scientists have made huge efforts towards explaining our body. Despite their labors most of its processes are a mystery to mankind. We have gained some knowledge about what it needs in order to run properly. In Christian terms we know that faith is imperative for those God initiated supernatural processes within us to run smoothly. I have faith in my body. I believe it will perform all of its life-upholding process, and thus I do not give it much thought. Without my conscious knowing or interference my body executes all its tasks effortlessly.

Faith is the ingredient that keeps me alive. If I began tampering with my body’s processes I would soon be a dead man. Thus, on a different level faith says that I am filled with all the fullness of God. Faith says that I cannot sin. Faith states that I am conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Faith says that Christ is formed in me. I believe in God’s abilities to make all this happen and I therefore do not have to take thought to see His goals accomplished in me. I am at restful ease when it comes to my body, and the Spirit encourages me to be at restful ease when it comes to His processes in, through and as me.

The Christ life simply is. Many days I do my stuff almost in a state of oblivion. I run through the day not giving God much thought, to an even lesser degree I am conscious that I am Christ in my form. The union with God is so wonderfully expressed through this and my light shines so radiantly that the angels behold this mystery with amazed silence. The idyll is broken when I become self conscious and begin to scrutinize an incentive, a thought or an act. A temptation to lead me into an illusion of separation has entered the garden. God is faithful, however, and reminds me about those truths that boost my faith, and peace is again restored in the temple.

God has created us to be conformed to the image of Christ. Not copies, but images. Image in this context means uniqueness and individuality. And it is this uniqueness and individuality that God wants to have a intimate relationship with. So of course when I speak about a state of oblivion above that merely is a figure of speech to get a point across. I enjoy my Father so much that most of the time I am very aware of His existence, His love and His presence in my life. I enjoy Him and He enjoys me.

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