Monday, October 18, 2010

And There Was Evening And There Was Morning

And the word went forth like this: And there was evening, and there was morning. God doesn’t work during the darkness of the night. He is the Father of lights and His works are undertaken in light. You cannot find this light outside yourself. Outside you is the impenetrable darkness of reason and appearances. The darkness will not provide you with the answers you seek. Nothing is created in the darkness. The light and the wonders of your existence dwell in the center of your being. From here His light permeates your entire being and you walk in the light as He is light. There in the center everything He has freely given you is waiting for the appointed time to be unfolded in light. Each manifestation of Him a natural consequence of what took place the day before. The six days are for Him to do His work. You are created for the Sabbath where you rest from your works in Christ. The light is holy and righteous. Thus you are holy and righteous since the light now originates in and emanates from you. It is not your works that define your status. You are indentified by which Spirit who is in you. If you are in Christ then the Spirit of light, God’s Spirit, the Spirit of truth has transformed you into light and truth. As light and truth you have emerged as a true son and you trust and assert your I. Without your I you are merely an indistinct shadow in the void. Your I is what gives you form and your distinct expression as light.

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