Thursday, February 18, 2010


Perhaps one of the most emancipating things Jesus ever said was, ”I only do what my Father is doing.” (Joh 5:19).

Rather plainly Jesus says that there is only One who he has to answer to, and that is His Father. He is responsible to no human. Moreover, He is also alluding to the indwelling life of His Father which directs Him, motivates Him and lives through Him as Him.

Jesus was not governed by a bad consciousness. Unfortunately are dozens of Christians taken captive by their consciousnesses which exert smothering demands on how to act and live. Jesus, however, followed the joy of the Father in His heart. He was thus empowered to see beyond appearances and behold the realities of the spiritual realm where the joy of the Father reigns.

Jesus was not governed by all the needs the world sent in His direction. They needed a new king in Israel. Jesus refused, because that was not the Father’s intention for Him during His time on earth. However, He responded to every other need the Father led Him to face. In those instances man was given the opportunity to see behind the veil, His flesh, and they were awestruck by His, compared to the creation of the universe, rather simple displays of power.

Jesus was not governed by the needs of the pastors or the congregation. He was a priest Himself, representing the Father. And so are we. We are declared Royal Priests by the Most High. We are led by the Spirit, and He goes wherever He pleases. He is not submitted to any earthly power structure.

Jesus’ Father is love, so given that His Father was in Him and He was in His Father He was love too. Love only does the truth, so that was the doings of the Father which were manifested in and through Jesus.

Jesus was never preoccupied with how to avoid sinning. In fact He had no consciousness of sin, because His Father does not have a consciousness of sin. He had a consciousness of righteousness. The exact same outlook and mindset we enter in accordance with the renewal of our minds.

In His Father Jesus was absolutely free to express Himself as a Human Being who was containing and abiding in the Creator. He didn’t have to put up an act. He didn’t have to wear any fig leaves. He was Himself through and through. Others’ expectations didn’t govern His life.

Most importantly, though, is that we have an identical union with the resurrected Christ as the earthly Jesus had with His Father. We don’t know Jesus Christ according to the flesh anymore, but as the resurrected Lord who has found a resting place for His head in our hearts.

We are thus everything the resurrected Christ is! And He is the truth, He is love, He is power and He is eternal life.

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