Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberated Sons

There comes a day when we rediscover our “I” as a safe “I”. We have been through the devastating stage when the law condemned us and ultimately caused us to come to the end of ourselves. Then we discovered to our great delight that we had died to the law. A new realization is now dawning upon us; we are in a union with the resurrected Christ. As we bask and revel in this wonderful truth another profound revelation is working its way through the surface and settles in our minds.

Our “I” reemerges as a safe “I”. We discover that since we now are indwelled by God and are in Him everything pertaining to our being is cleansed, and we begin to experience the almost inexplicable liberty of being free sons who are perfectly expressing Him in our form. Every day we are carrying His death within, that is, our former conscious and subconscious thought patterns which have defined our personhood so long are fading and their defining power is shattered.

To enter this new life is a dying away from what we previously considered as our secure ground. To step out into the unknown is a terrifying and at the same time liberating experience, because now we finally are beginning to trust ourselves. Before we enter this level as fully operating persons we need to be completely settled in that God accepts and loves us.

Thus Jesus was assured by His father before He began His public service in earnest by these words: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Jesus was now established as a safe Son who could say “I do nothing of myself” when He himself always was the doer. This paradox seems like a veil, until it is torn apart when we understand the depths of the union life. It is I, yet not I. It is He, and simultaneously it is me. We are one, and since I can trust Him I can trust myself.

I have found that I am a bit reluctant to step into the unknown and begin to operate as Him by, for instance, speaking out words of faith. God has to encourage me, and even push me over the cliff, either by using other persons or by speaking, Himself, to my heart. In Jesus’ case God used Jesus’ mother to push Him into operating as a safe liberated “I”. At the wedding in Cana they ran out of wine and Jesus’ mother challenged Him to do something about the situation. Jesus’ harsh answer demonstrates His inner turmoil of entering a level formerly unknown to Him.

Then Jesus took a leap of faith and said His faith words: “Fill the waterpots with water”. We know the rest of the story. But, notice what John writes after this incident: “…and manifested forth his glory”. His glory, His “I” operating as a safe liberated son of the Most High trusting the promptings which surfaced in His thoughts and mind. Many of us are in this process of consciously becoming aware of that we are "co-saviours" with Christ as fully operating safe sons, that we are vessels of honor, that we are light and salt in this world. Not as a possibility, but as a fact!!!

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