Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Repentance is simply acknowledging that ”I can’t” and say to God “you can”. There is no condemnation for those who can’t. Those who still attempt to live the Christian life are, however, in a precarious position and are an easy prey to condemnation and the activities of the flesh. The flesh says: “I can”. That is idolatry.

Faith, however, says: “I am willing to let You”. It opens up to His ability and His resources. The Christian life isn’t a self-improvement program. It is supernatural and divine. This involves a process where the regenerated man increasingly recognizes and embraces Christ’s activity in him.

Repentance is to recognize that God’s Kingdom is within. Repentance leads to faith, and faith investigates its inheritance. It is not an inheritance hidden in a dim future, but it is here and now. What is this inheritance? Isn’t it a fearfully and wonderfully made me who is dressed in Christ? So I joyfully investigate the new creation.

When I let go and let Him I walk in the Spirit free and bold knowing I am a son of the Most High. Paradoxally, I have now found myself and I fill the whole picture with everything I am.

The “I can” identity’s “I” and “my” are filthy rags!
The “I can’t” identity’s “I” and “my” are glorious!

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