Thursday, July 5, 2012

He is the Real One

Before we finally can accept our humanity as a right humanity we must negotiate our way through a maze of lies. They cover every part of our personal makeup and are designed to keep us in bondage and blind us from the reality that we now function as God’s agents in this present age. The devil wants to perpetuate the illusion that we somehow have a nature of our own that can act independently from God. The truth is that we are branches of the true wine and its sap brings forth fruit of the Spirit. We find our rescue when it begins to dawn upon us that we are ordinary men and women who believe what God says about us, and we do so against all appearances. In every circumstance we attest to who we are by our word of faith. We are Christ in our forms always led by the Spirit geared to respond to His promptings, and, further, that He is our inner motivator.
Emotions, inclinations and reactions are all meant even though they sometimes confuse us. Nothing originates in our selves. Jesus attributed all goodness to God. Every affection, every loyalty, every attraction, every hope, every interest, every ambition we manifest originates in the Spirit, Son and Father. Loving someone is God loving that person through us. When you love yourself, you love the Father. You want to call attention to yourself? Wonderful! Even though you don’t see it nor has such an awareness it is Christ you basically desire to see glorified. The devil will accuse you of being full of self, pride and that you long for self-glory. However, if He can get you caught up in self-flagellation and condemnation you lose your boldness and testimony.
The truth is that you cannot longer be a self-loving self because you are God’s and He has taken you over. He even uses negative emotions and reactions to move us in a special direction. Our job is simply to enter that rest where we first reckon upon Him living as us before we have this fixed inner awareness of this glorious fact. All of us is His, no part left out. We are often apt to think that we have some self reactions which are contrary to God, but that can't be. We have become His in perfection. The Spirit takes us on a variety of journeys and to a variety of places to hammer this truth home. We don't say that we one day will be settled in Him. We say in faith that we are settled in Him not paying any attention to emotions or other things which attempt to take our faith assurance from us. Every x,y and z in the equation is God and the equation yields that through us He has brought heaven to this earth and that this present age is our training ground for our glorious task as co-operators of the universe.
The enemy will continue to throw accusations at us whatever we do or don’t do. He will say to you: “You need to change! You need to do something about yourself! You are hopeless!” However, we blatantly refuse to engage in any kind of self-striving or self-improvement because we recognize that this was how the serpent tricked Eve into sin. God allows these temptations coming our way so that we gradually can come to the bottom of our being where we are faced with our nothingness. It is here that God becomes our all in all. Our release comes when we in all plainness accept and admit what is going on in and through us whatever it is and affirm that God is the Real One manifesting Himself through us as us, and ultimately we cease fussing about ourselves and just live.

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