Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Come Now, Let Us Reason Together

As the Spirit expands our inner consciousness we enter new levels of insights as we agree with the truths which are His privilege to reveal to us as our inner teacher. One of those transitions that take place in our awareness is when we move from the idea that we have to keep ourselves to acknowledging that the Spirit is our keeper and has been so from the instant Jesus cleansed our temple. My great problem when beginning to see this was that I had some very distinct opinions on how He should keep me and in which areas He should keep me. Evidently this has led to some confusion on my part when things haven’t materialized or turned out as I had envisioned them. It is quite typic that when we think we are in charge that condemnation and other not so very edifying emotions find cracks in our armour and disturb our equilibrium. I am, however, confident all these emotions and sensations are all necessary in God’s rearing scheme as He continues to settle us in the reality of Christ living as us.
Another implication of me following a thought pattern where I imagine that I dictate how the Spirit is to enact His will in me is disappointment in Him, and, not least, an idea is formed in my mind which insists that I somehow have deviated from His will – that I am an impossible case, that is, not possible to control. However, there comes a day when the Lord says: “Come now, let us reason together.” When that day arrives it is a day of great release, because His message is simply: “I keep you, but I do not keep you in accordance with your expectations on how I am to keep you.” That’s all He says, but the profundity of His words when recognized promptly leads to an awareness of total safety and a new and expanded sense of liberty to just be.
My closest friend and I had a discussion going a couple of days ago. I openly told my friend about some of my weaknesses and how I had not yet experienced deliverance from any of them. Well, my friend told me, dead people do not need deliverance. That became another “Come now, let us reason together” moment.
So, I do not understand everything that transpires in my life.  But what I have come to know without a shadow of doubt is that His thoughts are far higher than mine, and that purity, holiness, righteousness and ad infinitum aren’t based on outer reality but just are because those are the characteristics of He who has taken me over in totality. In other words, everything we encounter is meant so that we in increasing measure by the Spirit can be taken from outer appearances to seeing God only as a fixed inner reality.

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