Sunday, November 18, 2012

Crossing the Red Sea

Jesus boldly and without any reservations said: “Whatsoever you pray for in your prayers, believe you have received it and it is yours.” This promise has flabbergasted me more than once. How could He say such a thing? He is in fact issuing a blank check to those who would follow Him.
As of now this is my best explanation: He knew that we one day would leave the wilderness and begin to flow in the consciousness of the I AM and thus take in faith that it is me speaking, but at the same time it is Him. And when we know it is Him as us all judgment is removed from the request and it will thus flow effortlessly into manifestation by Him who has spoken by us and done it in the same now.
Yesterday I was marveling at how spirit is too deep for us and without revelation it will remain so. While pondering these things I was reminded about myself praying in tongues. It comes out in a language I do not comprehend with reason. And if the words are not interpreted they will remain beyond my reach. This became an image to me on how spirit it too deep for our intellect or reason to grasp.
The language of spirit is faith exactly because faith goes against every conclusion the intellect makes based on appearances. Faith operates with facts that are hidden in the invisible - spirit facts. Faith speaks spirit knowledge – what is known on the spirit level where we are joined one spirit with God. But, even though spirit knows, emotions will waver to and fro until a settling or knowing comes from He who runs the show.
We know, thus we speak, and faith is knowing without knowing since faith cannot be verified by reason or appearances. Faith skips reason, and that is what makes faith both so simple and so difficult. Difficult because we state or confess something that is contrary to what we always have relied on when we are to make judgments; the natural and how it presents itself to our natural senses.
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, Paul said. The spirit is always willing to express the deeper truths of God whereas the flesh is mesmerized by what it perceives in the natural, and thus we are confronted with these tension fields that are created by this tug-of-war between sense-knowledge and spirit-knowledge.
These inner confrontations might lead to progressively new leaps of faith. It struck me the other day that these leaps of faith find their equivalent in the crossing of the Red Sea. Will the walls of appearances come crushing over us while we walk on the dry faith ground? Safe through on the other side every belief, idea or notion that oppose faith, that is, the truth, will be drowned in the water that closes the gap behind us, and will be remembered no more. “The former things are passed away.” Walking below the sea level, below the sea of appearances, that is, walking on the sea bed illustrates how faith is walking in accordance with the spirit level that is hidden under the water of appearances.
The sea bed is rock solid substance, and it is not affected by the changing conditions on the surface. I like to think that faith is its own proof. Faith is substance – faith is facts – God is – faith is now – it is done.
It is written that Mary pondered these things in her heart, that is, in her spirit and that saved her from much agony, as far as I can see. The other extreme is visualized by Zacharias, John the Baptist's father, who didn't believe the answer when it was presented to him by an angel even though he and his wife had prayed for a son for many years. It doesn't say so in the scriptures, but he must have pondered these things in his intellect.  His unbelief didn't reverse the promise, because Elizabeth’s faith became the channel through which the promise manifested.
Zacharias temporarily losing his voice is merely another way of saying: “Be quiet and know that I am God; I have a way of which ye do not know.”
The reason why I dare to call faith a channel through which the manifestation flows is because I one night got an inner image of faith as exactly that. Without faith it is impossible to please God, we learn. Faith is the channel through which that which is done is manifested either in our consciousnesses or in the natural whether it is salvation, our union stand, a physical healing or the birth of a child. Jesus said: “According to your faith be it unto you.” Faith is the channel through which we receive and it is by faith we speak things into existence.
The new idea is conceived in the womb of God and when the time is ripe the desire will press upon us for expression and the birth channel is our faith. If the new idea is weighted in our intellect we will conceive it as impossible, but faith is consciousness and not thoughts and hence circumvents the intellect. Faith is the Christ consciousness that dawns upon us. We receive it and begin to use it. That Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith is another way of saying this.

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