Thursday, April 25, 2013

Becoming Settled - An Exchange between Harriet Wearren and Ole Henrik

Ole Henrik: When you had spoken your word concerning your marriage did you often wrestle with doubt in regards to that you actually had heard from God and had spoken His word?
Harriet: I did, but the same words of faith kept coming back in my head so finally I became settled that the word was from God!  But, you know it went on for a long, long time, so I had a lot of practice in replacing what appeared to be with the word God had given me. And I might add it was not all bliss!! Sometimes I was berserk with all that was going on with us, but would go back to my word. It was very up and down in the appearance realm. It took me to hell and killed me!!! Eventually it was settled in me and I rose!!!
OH: Standing in faith for something is a very lonely affair, isn't it?
Harriet: Right, but it makes us stronger and things learned there, can be gotten no other way!!! It is walking through the valley of the shadow of death or going to the Promised Land, do we see the giants or do we see God!
OH: What is faith actions? Is it to believe against appearances? Is it to do a particular thing?
H: A specific word is to believe against the appearances. We live by faith and we walk by faith, so how the Holy Spirit lives through us is His business. I usually just take no thought or notice unless he gets my attention to something. Simply believing never seems like we are doing enough, because we are used to doing and fixing things. But when you think about it, when we stand on a word of faith, we are activating the power of the Holy Spirit or all the power of God!!! That is doing the most!
OH: What about all these hard days we go through? The sadness etc?
H: Just know that your tough days and rivers of sadness and crying are designed by God for you! It is through these times that God fixes us in what we believe! Norman used to talk about....commission ,cost and completion. Commission is the word we get from God to believe for something, the cost is our tough days, sadness, etc. - the price we pay, and completion comes from the other side, from God. Your faith is swallowed up in knowing that it is finished, before you even see evidence. We do know the voice of the Him. You are not just you, you are a spirit joined to Him, so it can't be just fooling yourself. He is bigger than we are, He will get His point across!
OH: I have noticed one thing: I am stretched far beyond my comfort zone concerning the things I say. I can for instance not say "if" "what if" or "but", I can only say "when" and that really takes me out on "thin" ice.....And I feel discomfort when I am that bold and say..."When I..." "When this happens....".....and I feel this discomfort because I am far outside my comfort safety zone......
H: Funny how God loves to get us outside our comfort zone, or sometimes we say outside our zipcode!
OH: What about doubt?
H: The wonderful thing that we know and can trust is that we are no longer for ourselves, we are for others!! And, of course doubts do come and further down the road you will see that they are what make us stronger. When we stand against appearances we become more solid in our word of faith. The gates of hell will not prevail against it! He will not let you sink!!
When I am doubting, sometimes a verse will pop in my head and quite often it is the one in Timothy....."Even when we believe not, He abideth faithful, for He will not deny Himself!" (In me).  And I also know that the doubt is for something constructive..  Because God is always upward!!  "If I ask my father for bread, He will not give me a stone!"


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Very real conversation.....

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Great it blessed you! Thanks!