Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Clouds That Dim Our Vision

We can easily store up an impressive conceptual knowledge-base about faith and mean a lot about it without knowing what it really is. It is my clear conviction that faith can only be learned in the school of faith in which we are given a faith commission which results in human terms would be said to be utterly impossible to achieve. Not least because we might experience that we are stretched to the limits in the sense that the thing cannot possibly come into being by any human means.
Yesterday it was almost as I could behold faith while I in an odd way was standing outside myself, and I saw how it is purified and "cleansed" by the different challenges we face in a faith commission. Circumstances, appearances, darkness, a rich variety of emotions and suffering are all sent our way so that we learn that we do not find faith in any of those. In that glimpse I saw faith as something (Someone) apart from all those things, but, nevertheless, one with us.
Further, I saw faith as something inner - an inner consciousness of some sort - an inner knowing apart from all those outer things. It is so tempting to read and interpret "the signs" in these outer things in which we are walking, but they carry no weight whatsoever. They are only clouds that dim our vision, whereas faith is clear as daylight and shine in the dimness and we see it and follow it, even when we not “see” it.
And when our vision fails, Christ, nevertheless, walks steady on and suddenly as out of nothing when our eyes are again opened we are surrounded by a new landscape taken there by the One who is our life.
“I have been thinking all morning about what you said about "signs" dimming our vision, but they carry no weight, whereas faith is what we are drawn toward!  Isn't it just amazing ......because we are spirit people, we cannot be satisfied with flesh answers!” (Harriet Wearren)
Another aspect of this which Harriet pointed out: We once in our unredeemed state were slaves of the visible and the tangible. Now, however, we are slaves of the invisible. Of course, the carnal mind - the flesh - still prefers the old state of things. But, we are constantly nudged upwards to leave behind (take off the grave clothes) these elementary things and speak our words of faith with boldness into the invisible seeing the thing as done and expect it to manifest in the visible. As spirit people we are irrevocably drawn into the invisible, because the invisible is the Real from which all things originate.
One last thing: Remember we are calling into existence things that be not as if they were. There are no formulas or precepts to follow. Some will find it peculiar that we have this inner drive to speak our word again and again – often several times a day, that is, repeatedly confessing the thing as done and thanking it is so. If so, that is not unbelief or doubt. It is the Spirit’s way with us. Again, remember, we are calling things into existence. In other instances we might speak the word once and almost forget about it. The inner law of the Spirit is what determines the route – not methods.
Yes, there is a price to pay. There are costs and you might be killed a couple of times before you see the completion. But, the Spirit is persistent and determined to see this through by the sons, and we will prevail. God will pull us through, because it is His battle.
We enroll into this school of faith by speaking our word of faith knowing that faith starts in desire. And from where does desire come? Who is it that makes us to will and act according to His good pleasure? Step out of the boat and be prepared to sink a couple of times……


Unknown said...

Great word, through the things I am going through right now. I am glad for this word. May I please repost this on my blog?

Unknown said...

Dear Edmondo! Thanks for your feedback and I am so glad this post blessed you. You are welcome to repost the article on your blog! Thanks and blessings!