Monday, March 4, 2013

Just some musings....

Ole Henrik: I find this "law" in operation that when I have conquered another piece of the Promised Land there will always be some sort of a counter attack. I have come to see that these seasons of darkness and suffering are meant to establish us in the obedience of faith. Another way of saying this is that our faith is tested. Each new level of faith contains a testing of that faith until we are established on that level, and by the Spirit move on to a new mansion. Funny this paradox, because we can confidently say in faith that we are already on the top, but, nevertheless, we go through these stages of faith.
When Jesus began his public ministry he had taken possession of his position as a son. What I mean is that he boldly asserted his I. Most Christians are still like the son who remained with his Father in the parable of the prodigal son, who never have possessed their son-ship freely asserting their I as an I that takes for granted that all what the Father has are theirs. This "I" that says that it only does what it sees the Father is doing - the no separation self. It took Abraham 25 years to come to this point of recognition, but when he was there he could say "I and the lad will return" knowing he spoke as God.
Just some afternoon musings......
DeeDee: Those are some good musings! Yes….always tested to settle further and strengthen further….much like a tennis or golf stroke that is practiced over and over until one day it is totally natural.
(DeeDee is DeeDee Winter who wrote the two magnificent entries on our soul a month ago)

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