Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Leveled up with the Son

By Linda Bunting
Ole Henrik: You once made a brief talk which you called: “Coming back as YOU.” What was your main idea in that talk?
Linda: The stress put on us to 'be like Jesus' ... and 'what would Jesus do' and all the other suggestions to put us up against Jesus, much less BE Jesus, are misdirected and deny us our own personhood. We were created to be who WE are, no two of us alike.
It infers that someone had thought up a code or life style that would become the model for us to follow. Let’s take a look at Jesus, son of man, to see how he lived. He had no one to follow because he boldly said: "Of myself, I can do NOTHING." "As I see the Father do, I do." Take that in!!! "OF MYSELF, I CAN DO NOTHING" "As I see the FATHER DO, I DO!!
If he lived knowing that within his humanity, he could not produce one act, and that he was solely dependent on the Spirit within (which was Holy) then who are we to think we are left alone to 'act' a certain way.
The point of Jesus coming in human form, in the first place, was to bring MANY sons unto glory. He came to take the place of who we were, and placed within us His Holy Spirit that leveled us up with Him in sonship.
Now that we are a family of sons, Jesus being our older brother, why are we held in the bondage of a great lie telling us we are to be like him?
What would your father say if you came daily asking him IF he was really sure that you were his son; much worse that you did not want to be yourself, but the elder brother in the family. Your father would weep saying ... I don't want 2 of him, I want YOU ... to be who you are.
My eldest son did his work which was final and finished.
Now it is your turn to take your place as a son. Rise, take your inheritance and use it wisely. And exactly what does that mean, but to watch daily by faith (which IS how Jesus lived) to see how the Spirit will live out His life in your mortal flesh. Only He knows how to die and rise again and again as us.
When Jesus said "Don't you know ye are gods, to whom the word of the Lord comes" he was speaking of our level of sonship.
In a recent bible study a friend, alarmed by hearing that statement, brought up the point of us leveling ourselves up with God, to which my reply was "NEVER EVER the transcendent God, but FOREVER the immanent God. We didn't rise up, He came down and filled us with Himself .... Little gods, with our spirit joined to His Holy Spirit. Filled, made perfect to fill up that which is behind of the sufferings of Christ

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