Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Newness of Life

By Nancy Thompson
Organized church become cults when the love and salvation of the institution (its beliefs, values and traditions) becomes paramount to the love and salvation of the individual. All its ‘good’ works become tainted and subsumed to the former while ignoring the latter. What this does to persons is to enslave them once more to the ‘basic principles of the world’. ‘We are in the world but not of it’.
“I am the Alpha and Omega”. There is a beginning and end to everything, for God Himself, is its beginning and end. Participation in God’s own house, not built with human hands, becomes free when this is recognized. Nothing remains the same.
Instead of being sad, we become joyful. “See, I am doing a new thing”. And being participants as new creatures in a new creation, we live, love and laugh in all this newness and see that God is All and in All.

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